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The Global Recruiter - Recruitment Live 2014

Posted: 2014-11-24

Just one day to go until the launch of “Recruitment Live” by Global Recruiter; a two day event located in ExCel London bringing together recruitment professionals across the UK and some of the leading industry representative bodies.
Metin Faik (Operations Manager) and Silvana Hawkes (Executive Assistant) will both be attending the event and have also registered to some of the Fringe Events. Great to see such a variety of seminar sessions from all angles of the industry and also to be able to take some time to talk directly with some of the leading edge suppliers on new solutions.
Hope to see many of you there for the first day tomorrow!

Recruitment Matters “Inspirational and Effective Leadership”

Posted: 2014-11-21

Matthew Taylor (Resource Team Leader) and Richard Howard (Head of Payments Practice) are attending the Inspirational and Effective Leadership training day on Monday 24th November hosted by Recruitment Matters International.

Here at DP Connect we are continuously encouraging training throughout the business; whether that be a junior consultant taking their first steps in their recruitment career or those in a position of leadership or management still broadening their knowledge. The current market is changing rapidly so we need to be on top of these changes and have all our employees on the top of their game.

The Inspirational and Effective Leadership day focuses on those within a Managerial or Directorial position – helping them to enhance the management skills they have learnt to date and the best way to adapt these to promote loyalty, dedication and simply better results, from the teams they lead.

Looking forward to catching up with both Matthew and Richard after the course to hear any new methods or tools they have learnt to aid them in their management roles and also on building relationships for future success between their peers.

Computing and Technology Employment and Placement Fair – Thoughts of the day from Cherry Swayne & Mike Roberts, Cambridge

Posted: 2014-11-20
Yesterday two members of DP Connect; Cherry Swayne (Head of Cambridge) and Michael Roberts (Senior Recruiter) attended an annual Placement Fair hosted by Anglia Ruskin University. DP Connect are keen to ensure that we are assisting in the local community – in this instance, with university students looking for careers advice.
Cherry Swayne - “Yesterday afternoon we attended the Computing and Technology Careers Fair at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. The event is targeted at 2nd and 3rd year students across the Computing and Technology courses from both the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses. Around 150 students attended the event looking for advice and guidance on the career options available to them after graduation. DP Connect had prepared a booklet for students giving tips and advice on CV writing and interview preparation to assist them in their job search.
DP Connect are strong supporters of graduate employment in Cambridge and we work hard to provide young people with sound careers advice. We also assist local businesses in attracting good quality graduates to grow their team with a strong pipeline of talent.
If you are interested in speaking to us about potential job opportunities or if you’re an employer looking to hire talented Graduates then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01223 828232”.
We are keen, as a company, to keep our presence on-going at like-minded events, so please also contact us if you feel we can be of assistance with this.

CBI: Education & Skills Conference - Feedback from Cherry Swayne

Posted: 2014-11-19
Cherry Swayne, Head of Cambridge, yesterday attended the CBI Education and Skills Conference in her role as Regional Director for the REC.
The conference topics were surrounding businesses working closely with schools to improve employability and apprenticeship schemes. Cherry returned from the conference with some interesting statistics as to the current liaisons between schools and businesses, the behaviour on both sides and how, with some nurturing on the subject, this can be greatly improved upon.
Cherry has kindly collated the thoughts raised and statistics – it really does make for an interesting read as to how, as a business, we can work closer with the schools across our area and may reap some of the rewards of the next generations’ skills if we do so.


CBI Future Possible: Education & Skills Conference - Cherry Swayne, Head of Cambridge

Posted: 2014-11-18

With a recent increase in graduate employment and apprenticeship schemes, Cherry Swayne, Head of DP Connect in Cambridge, is today attending the CBI Education & Skills conference in Cambridge.

With key proceedings including ‘Raising ambition in schools’, ‘Business in the classroom: what is the role of business in education’ and ‘How do we create a world-class apprenticeship system’ we are looking forward to hear the feedback from Cherry on the matters that were raised.
DP Connect has employed a number of apprentices throughout our sales, IT and Administration teams and also have an increasing number of clients looking to take on Graduates in to their businesses, so developing these skills from school age is a necessity and something that should be encouraged throughout the education sector.
We will ensure to share the thoughts raised at the conference with you all.

DP Connect Wins Recruiter Investing in Talent Award for Most Effective Flexible Working Strategy 2014

Posted: 2014-10-22
DP Connect was today recognised by Recruiter magazine in it’s inaugural award programme for having the ‘Most Effective Flexible Working Strategy’.
Since the company was established in 1990 with a part-time worker, a Mum returning to work and a YTS trainee,  DP Connect has embraced the principal of flexible working and 24 years on it is truly engrained in the culture of the company.  In a highly competitive employment marketplace it has been a differentiator for DP Connect, and within the sales team there are experienced Consultants working remotely, part-time or compressed working weeks. The support structure has been tailored so it adapts to accommodate the requirements of flexible working and offers a seamless service to clients. Staff retention on average is higher than the industry norm at 4.5 years and within the team working on flexible arrangements staff retention is running at an average of 14 years.
CEO Toni Cocozza commented ‘I am delighted that our working practices have captured the interest of the judges and I hope that we may have inspired other recruitment businesses to adopt a more flexible way of working. It has certainly worked well for DP Connect and has enabled us to hire and retain some of the best talent. Our customers have also involved us in their diversity and inclusion programmes and we have been able to share best practice with them.’
London, 22nd October 2014

Quarter 3 Team Incetive Trip to Dublin!

Posted: 2014-10-06

What a lovely time had by all in Dublin celebrating the successes of Quarter 3 2014! If you would like to check out some of our snapshots from the weekend please take a look at our Facebook page!


Recruitment Roundtable Event in Cambridge – The ongoing challenge in recruiting Software Developers - Cherry Swayne, Head of Cambridge

Posted: 2014-08-26
“Over the last two years, I have frequently attended local networking groups for Software Developers in Cambridge. These take place across the city on a monthly basis and are usually focused on a particular development language or methodology.
Despite the focus of these groups being primarily technical, the conversation almost always comes back to the more human elements surrounding software development such as the companies they work for, management styles and, of course, recruitment.
Across the UK the demand for permanent staff has increased month on month for nearly two years continuously. Unfortunately the amount of new IT professionals entering the job market is not increasing at the same rate as the demand, resulting in availability for candidates reaching a record low. This problem is more acutely felt in Cambridge than almost anywhere else in the UK, with less than one job seeker per vacancy.
This has presented a real challenge for companies who are looking to grow, and the hiring managers are becoming increasingly concerned with how difficult it has become to hire good Developers. Employers are relying more and more on Recruitment Consultants to give them access to active and passive job seekers, and they rely on their expert knowledge of the market to help them attract the very best candidates.
This economic backdrop, combined with the clear local interest in the topic led to a specific Recruitment Roundtable event being held one evening in August.
The event was attended by Employers, Software Developers and Recruitment Consultants, who came along to hear one another’s opinions and use this feedback to better their job search or their recruitment processes.
At the beginning of the evening, each attendee was given a colour coded name badge and corresponding piece of card, on which to write the topics that you would like to discuss. These topics were then laid out on a table and people voted for the four topics that they felt were most interesting. The six topics with the most votes were the ones chosen for discussion.
The topics that were discussed included: “How can we help recruiters to better determine which developers can walk the walk and not just talk the talk?”, “With so many networking groups in Cambridge, why do we need to use recruitment consultants?” and “Is there a gap between the quality of developers available and employers’ expectations?”.
At the end of each discussion the group had to write down three key points which they felt best summarised their group’s thoughts on the topic. These key points were then read out to the whole group at the end of the evening.
The recurring themes that came up were:
Developers feeling frustrated at the volume of irrelevant emails they receive from Recruiters. Their advice was to make sure that all job adverts and emails are tailored and relevant. It was noted that Recruiters often leave out the things which would be most likely to interest them such as the nature of the projects, the working environment and the salary or benefit package. Give them a compelling reason to want the job!
Employers felt disappointed that Recruiters were often sending through poor quality candidates and had the impression that our screening process wasn’t worth the fees that were being charged. Their advice was to really get to know your candidates and to make every effort to meet them. Finding the right person for the job is as much about technical skills, as it is about personality fit. By meeting our candidates we are less likely to send over people that aren’t a good fit and we are more likely to develop a better understanding of their technical skills.
Overall the evening was a great success. We are far from finding a magic solution to the challenge of recruiting Developers in Cambridge. However, it was a great opportunity to share our opinions and have an open and honest conversation about recruitment. It was also a good chance to further build relationships with local employers and developers who can see first hand, how much we care about doing a great job.” – Cherry Swayne, Head of Cambridge, DP Connect

Increase in Graduate hires within the workplace - our first-hand experience

Posted: 2014-08-22

We have seen a noticeable increase in clients taking on graduates this year and also being more open to hire less experienced people, giving them the opportunity to develop skills on-the-job whilst providing them with support and mentoring. It is really rewarding to place these individuals and to see them flourish. It usually means more effort on our part helping with writing CVs, preparing compelling suitability statements and preparing applicants for interviews but it is hugely worthwhile and genuinely appreciated by the individuals themselves.

Already we have seen a 20 year old we placed in June who has just been on 5 days of intensive and expensive training funded by his employer and who has been be-friended by contract and permanent colleagues alike who are sharing their experience (‘work and life’ apparently!).

A graduate who had been out of work for 4 months took the trouble to call us and say that he is loving the new job we got him. We later found out that he had volunteered to work on a Sunday to help his experienced team colleagues out of a tight spot. We were quietly surprised that he stepped up to the challenge of the work that was scheduled for that weekend given his limited experience but he took it in his stride and we are told that he did a very good job.

Not saying that every role can be filled by a junior of course, or by someone who is keen but not yet capable, and neither am I belittling the vast experience of our seasoned IT professionals without whom we would not have a business - just saying that everyone deserves a chance and a helping hand onto the IT career ladder! In an industry that suffers skill shortages on a regular basis why would we not welcome new comers and develop/retain the talent we already have.

DP Connect "Responsive" Website Launch

Posted: 2014-08-11
DP Connect have now launched our new “Responsive” website; this resizes our pages depending on the screen size of the mobile device (phones / tablets) connecting.
We have now given people the ability to search jobs directly from their mobile devices and browse key resources and information about DP Connect quickly and effortlessly.
We will shortly be adding a new downloads section; providing a wealth of information relating to the wide range of services DP Connect offer, including the following key information:
Services / Business Sectors
Contractor Information
DP Connect Offices
Consultant Introductions
Please take this opportunity to visit our site and browse the new responsive content from your preferred mobile device, we will be grateful for any feedback.  

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